Co-Producer: Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal
2012, Feature Film, 100 min.

GRASSROOTS is a character-driven comedy about the power of the people and the virtues of standing up for what you believe in. Against all odds.

True story. Grant Cogswell is a short-tempered, unemployed music critic – an oddball outsider with a predilection for wearing polar bear suits, and a deep love for Seattle. Cogswell thinks he can harness the power of the people to improve his city. And heʼs right. Almost.

Itʼs 2001 — before Twitter, before the flash mob, before Obama, and Cogswell decides he must do the impossible: run against an incumbent city council member whoʼs already raised a huge campaign war chest and sewn up all the cityʼs biggest political endorsements.

Grant dreams of an elegant monorail gliding silently above the cityʼs wet streets, and he is apoplectic with rage that McIverʼs alternate mass transit proposal is a costly idea that would destroy the cityʼs lower class neighborhoods.

Grant has a snowballʼs chance in hell of winning his campaign until he lures recently fired alternative-weekly reporter Phil Campbell to run his campaign. Phil may be a campaign neophyte, but he has the tact that Grant lacks, and frankly he canʼt think of anything better to do with his time.

Things start to look really bad until Grant attracts an army of wild-eyed young volunteers to back his unlikely crusade, and the impossible begins to happen.

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