5 Mile Creek

5 MILE CREEK is about what it takes to become a true artist and nonconformist – and live to tell the tale. Set in Boulder, CO, the story centers on a disheartened young writer/academic, Emily Reid, her ambitious student Miles Cannon, and Burke T. Michaelson, a once-celebrated iconoclastic writer who now sequesters himself in a cabin at 5 Mile Creek. Together they form a trio of would-be artists in search of love, approbation and the next high. In the dead of winter, they converge at 5 Mile Creek for an all-night bender, revealing who’s really got the guts to go the distance and give the system a run for its money.

5 MILE CREEK is written and will be directed by award-winning filmmaker Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal, produced by Robin Gurland, Jane Charles and Stephen Gyllenhaal.

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